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Our selection of chairs cover most themes for your child’s party. The white chairs are incredibly sturdy so even the youngest child can sit safely.

The yellow stools look great at Easter and Super Hero parties. The blue chairs are great for the boys but also look fantastic for Alice in Wonderland Parties.

The black benches have been made the same length as the tables, so fit nicely down the side. The Ghost chairs have been incredibly popular as the birthday child’s seat at the head of the table.


White Bucket Seat 50cm x 45cm x 30cm – $3.50


Blue Chair 67cm x 39cm x 26cm – $4.00


Yellow Stool 30cm x 30cm x 35cm – $3.00

Mini Ghost Chair Partini Party Hire

Chidrens Ghost Chair 62cm x 40cm x 36cm – $10.00


Cane Armchair 46cm x 38cm x 54cm – $6.00

Partini Black Bench Seat Party Hire

Black Bench Seat 150cm x 30cm x 25cm – $12.00

Partini pink tolix chair party hire

Pink Metal Chair 46cm x 38cm x 54cm – $4.00


Yellow Stool with Green Cover – $4.00

Partini white tolix chair party hire

White Metal Chair 46cm x 38cm x 54cm – $4.00

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