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Our gorgeous range of accessories help to complete your little ones party. All the items below are for hire so all you have to do is put the food on the table.

Partini two tier white cake stand

White 2 Tier Cupcake Stand – $10.00 each

Partini pink tray with wooden handles

Pink Tray With Handles 50cm x 27cm – $5 each

Partini two tier black heart cake stand

2 Tier Heart Stand 60cm x 25cm – $10.00

Partini Black Single Tier Heart Cake Stand

Single Heart Stand 43cm x 25cm – $6.00

Partini large silver cake stand

Large Cake Stand 27cm x 40cm – $20.00

Partini large silver two tier cake stand

2 Tier Silver Cake Stand 65cm x 40cm – $25.00

Partini glass cake stand with dome cover

Glass Cake Stand With Dome 22cm x 29cm – $15.00

Partini three tier glass cake stand

3 Tier Glass Stand 34cm x 31cm – $10.00

Partini three tier white rose cake stand

Rose Wire Cupcake Stand White 45cm x 30cm – $5.00 each

Partini large white oval tray

White Tray 52cm x 39cm – $5.00 each

Partini white filigree buckets medium or small

White Lace Tin Small or Med – $3.00 each

Partini gold or black mini bucket hire

Gold or Black Tins – $2.00 each

Partini rustic crate hire

Rustic Crate – $5.00

Partini vintage bucket party hire

Vintage Buckets – $2 each

Partini basket party hire

Wicker Baskets – $5.00 each

Partini green grass bunny decoration

Green Grass Bunny – $4.00 each

Partini silver tin

Small Silver Tin 10.5cm – $2.00 each

Partini long blue spot tray

Blue Plastic Tray 50cm x 16cm – $2.00 each

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